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Binereum is an innovative platform that allows you to stake Eth2.0 and Bieth with high profits.

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What is Binereum ?

Binereum offers you simple and reliable eth2.0 staking.

Why Binereum ?

Thanks to Binereum, anyone will be able to stake on eth2.0. eth2.0 staking is a demanding process that requires a large amount of capital. But thanks to Binereum, you will be able to stake eth2.0 with the capital you want.

ETH2.0 Stake

Eth2.0 staking started in the past weeks. However, in order to participate in staking, you must have at least 32 Eth and have your eths locked for 2 years. However, Binereum allows users to stake eth 2.0 with the amount they want thanks to the common pool logic.

Binereum Bieth Stake

Staking Bieth is more profitable and less costly than eth2.0 or many other farming tokens. In Yeildfarm tokens, you have to pay many conctract fees and many fee fees for staking transactions, so it is very costly and unprofitable. However, thanks to the Binereum Bieth token, it allows you to stake on with only 3% staking fee without transaction fees.

Bieth + eth2.0 share

Binereum offers you a mix of the most profitable and reliable stock. Bieth + allows you to stake Eth2.0 at the same time in a single package "highest earning and most reliable way via promises gains of up to 195% on Bieth and eth2.0 packages.

Staking is good for everybody

Binereum is much more reliable and much more profitable than yeildfarming and staking.

ETH 2.0 Staking DEFI Staking Coin Farm

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Join with 3% Commission.


%60 ROI

1 month
  • 30 Day Funds Locked
  • No Contract Fee
  • No Hidden Fees!
  • Low Fee ( %3 )
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%15 ROI

1 month
  • 30 Day Funds Locked
  • No Contract Fee
  • No Hidden Fees!
  • Low Fee ( %3 )
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%80 ROI

1 month
  • 30 Day Funds Locked
  • No Contract Fee
  • No Hidden Fees!
  • Low Fee ( %3 )
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Freedom For All !

Binereum (BIETH) is a staking coin, allowing advanced multi-asset rewards, eventually allowing users to reap the benefits of ERC2.0 validation and staking.

  • No hidden fees.
  • No contract fees.
  • It has a high earning rate.
  • Staking Eth2.0
  • High security.
  • Bieth and eth2.0 staking.
  • Strong Hand Staking
  • Validator Staking

Start Staking now!

Stakers will see obviously benefits in terms of collecting direct rewards, but staking is good for the whole ecosystem! As more users stake and lock their tokens, even non-staked holders see benefits, as there is a fall in available supply, amplifying any increases in demand and mitigating any falls. The more that is staked, the strong the upwards price forces will be.

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to most common questions.

What are the staking fees?

There are no hidden fees in Binereum, only a 3% fee in stake. Contrat fee etc. there are no high cost fees.

How do I stake in Binereum?

Subscribe to and enter the panel. Select the package you want to stake and pay the amount you want to stake.

What was the pre-sale price?

The pre-sale price is 0.001 ETH and 1 BIETH

Liquidity Locked?

Variable, but depending on which package you choose, staking time may be longer. Your liquidity remains locked for the duration of the package you choose.

What is Bieth?

Bieth is's own erc20 token. You can stake Bieth token with eth2.0. In this way, you will get higher earnings.

What is the difference of Binereum.

Binereum offers you the opportunity to stake eth2.0 without locking your 32 eth for 2 years.

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